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በኢ/ኦ/ተ/ቤ/ክ ሥርዓትና ደንብን የጠበቁ ጽሑፎችና ምስሎች በመ/ር ቀሲስ ንጋቱ አበበ እየተዘጋጀ የሚቀርብበት ድኅረ ገጽ ነው።


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is Bible? Define the term bible?

     By Deacon Negatu Abebe
The term bible is derived from Greek word Byblos.
v Biblos from the ancient story of the writing material Papyrus (outer coat of a papyrus reed) which was being exported to the harbor of Byblos in Phoenicia from Egypt by the 11th century B.C
v Also the term Byblos without qualification indicates for every writing material as a special position which it enjoys among all the books of the world in the long process the word was reserved for the holly book of the jew and Christian.
v Byblos – biblion, the plural form of Byblos is Biblia (Greek, during 2nd C.A.D Christians were using this name) which gave birth to Latin Biblia, and then old French biblia from which the modern French Bible and then English Bible.
v The term Bible often used synonymously with scripture. The names sacred scripture and Bible are two conventional terms used for the collecgtion of
1. Sacred books of Judaism
2. Christianity
v The name scripture is derived from
Ø The third division of Hebrew (Jews) cannon of the Bible
Ø As Torah
Ø Prophets
Ø Writing Scripture
v The plural form of Scripture was later made into a singular as Scripture.
v The Qualification “Holly or Sacred” is prefixed to the name Bible in order to show its inner Holiness.

To be continued……………………………

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